November 28, 2020
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Incentive Case Studies

Overview and Objectives of Case Studies


  • “Case Studies” represent profiles of programs that other states have in place to attract and retain workers
  • Case studies will be used to highlight and benchmark against relevant initiatives that have been implemented elsewhere, and to identify program elements for consideration in future state Wisconsin initiatives

Identification and Research Methodology

  • Deloitte first conducted a high level analysis of the universe of talent attraction / retention initiatives offered nationally to develop a categorization of distinct program types to be considered.  Note that any given talent initiative may have elements of multiple program types
  • Deloitte then assessed existing programs within the State of Wisconsin in order to identify what types of programs were already well understood and being used, and which program design elements might be considered novel and valuable during future state planning.  Specifically, program types that do not have widespread presence in Wisconsin will be prioritized for further study
  • Deloitte then then utilized additional key criteria (e.g. outcomes, competiveness) to evaluate remaining programs to assess which will be most valuable to highlight
  • Finally, Deloitte ensured that case studies identified are funded / managed by a diverse set of different program sponsors and that they address a diverse set of career periods in a workers life

Sampling Considerations

Program Sponsor Types

  • State Sponsored
  • Local Sponsored
  • University Sponsored
  • Corporate Sponsored

Career Periods Addressed

  • Pre-grad
  • Post-grad
  • Mid-career

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