June 10, 2023
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The Critical Need for Broadband for All of Wisconsin

Broadband internet has become a lifeline between our seniors and the care they need; our children and the education they must have; our workforce and the paychecks they depend upon; and our farmers and the information they need to grow the food we and the world depends upon. And while the discussions of late have been focused on the need for broadband in rural Wisconsin, there are still gaps in urban areas that need to be addressed if Wisconsin's economy is going to thrive in the future. The Wisconsin REALTORS Association (WRA) is launching an aggressive informational and legislative initiative to make sure Wisconsinites have the broadband access they need. Learn more as Tom Larson, Executive Vice President for WRA talks with Mark O’Connell, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Counties Association and WCA Forward Analytics Director Dale Knapp about this timely focus on an urgent Wisconsin need.

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