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Wisconsin Workforce Shortages

Resource File 1: Birth Rates
Resource File 2: Aging
Resource File 3: Population
Resource File 4: In-Migration

Recruitment & Retention
Resource File 1: Traditional Incentives
Resource File 2: Situational Incentives
Resource File 3: Quality of Life Incentives

CWI brought three basic requirements to identifying possible revenue streams to fund the workforce recruitment and retention incentives Wisconsin needs to be successful in the competition for workers.

1. Revenue streams should be sustainable and secure (i.e., financially secure and renewable).
2. Since a major objective of the undertaking is to protect state and local tax bases, funding worker recruitment and retention should strengthen not weaken or erode those tax bases.
3. Because both the public and the private sector benefit when the workforce is strong, investments in workforce recruitment and retention should be jointly financed with public and private dollars.

Resource File 1: Tax-Neutral Funding Sources
Resource File 2: Funding Mechanisms