Competitive Wisconsin, Inc. is currently organizing co-hosted meetings around the state in each of the Economic Development Regions to brief opinion leaders on the findings and recommendations contained in the BBIII: Accelerate Wisconsin reports on Wisconsin’s food manufacturing and health care clusters. BE BOLD III: Accelerate Wisconsin is Competitive Wisconsin Inc.’s latest contribution to its growing body of insightful research on the critical economic issues that directly affect our state’s economic wellbeing. As with BE BOLD I & II, BE BOLD III research findings stimulated and informed the development of programmatic and policy recommendations designed to help Wisconsin compete and prosper both nationally and globally.

BE BOLD III: Accelerate Wisconsin focuses on growing jobs and wealth more rapidly by creating smarter, stronger links between high-performance behavior and high positive-impact collaborative strategies and governmental practices.

7Rivers Alliance Regional Briefing Scheduled - Friday, May 11th (Click here for full event details)

Momentum West Regional Briefing Scheduled - Monday, June 4th (Click here for full event details)